Trying to register an account on tumblr

Yay tumblr, home of gay porn and shiny things. Decided to join today. Immediately upon registering with the name nuclearrainbow I was told my account had been suspended. A Google search shows that name had been previously used and I guess they must have posted some unsavory things. Fair enough, but couldn’t they have told me something like that when I was registering? Trying to register again under a different name and the same email leads me straight to the “your account has been suspended” page.

I guess there could have been some other reason I was suspended, but it seems so unlikely since I haven’t posted anything yet. Or even, you know, named my blog. WTF.

Update: It was, in fact, that I had tried to log in before activating my account. Something I had forgotten about when writing this post. Tumblr support were very prompt in rectifying this.

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